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- CRC Decides on Official Team Uniforms

Laura C Kline  | Published on 8/18/2018
Columbia Rowing Club has been the only rowing facility in Columbia, SC since their origins in 1998. Through the years, the team has competed, some years more often than others, but the small group always found a way to match attire in regattas. As the group grows and the regatta presence increases, it was realized that we need an 'official' CRC uniform for future racing. This idea was brought to the board in July 2018 by both a long time member masters rower and the youth coach as the youth are interested in purchasing uni's.

Over the next month, a few board members spent time research the options we had. Our requirements were;
* Quality Product with Good Pricing
* Ability to Purchase One Uniform at a Time for New Members as they Join
* Coloring as Close as Possible to the Official Colors of 'Old Glory Blue' and 'Pantone Yellow'
* Professional and Clean Looking Design
* Design which would Separate the Blue and Yellow Coloring, if possible, per the CRC Club Documents
* A Base Color which is Not White
* Good Customer Service
* Not Cotton Material
* Tank Top Style, No Sleeves
* Male & Female Cuts Available

We had one existing option; SewSporty. The CRC SewSporty store had been previously set up, and we had one shirt which could meet our goals. Some members had already purchased this, however we do not know how many. You can see this shirt and the other SewSporty options here.

But as promised, there would be options promised at the August meeting, so research continued.

RegattaSport and  Wild Oar are both companies which create customized rowing attire, however they did not have an option to purchase single items. RegattaSport had a minimum purchase of 8 items and Wild Oar had a minimum purchase of 12 items. These two options were eliminated due to that constraint. 

Boathouse is another company which can provide custom rowing attire with a wide varierty of design available. However, the price for orders with less than 12 items was double that of a larger order. We felt this was unfair to future members, and this option was also eliminated.

JL is another widely known company which can create these customized rowing attire pieces for teams. The have over 40 designs to choose from with options of stripes, logos and binding which can be added. Another benefit of this particular company was that they had multiple tank options, so that we could have uni's, uni tanks (tight tanks) with shorts or loose tanks with shorts all with the same design so members could choose what they felt most comfortable in. The cost of these was comparable to the option so far, depending on which particular design may be chosen, possibly less expensive. A few board members looked through the JL designs and asked them for some mock ups to present at the meeting. The mock ups are below.

Add JL Mock UPs


August Club Meeting

Final Decision

Conclusion Statement - 20 Year Celebration = Uniforms

Always Encouraged to Have Fun in Boats