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Columbia Rowing Club was founded in 1998 by masters rowers (everyone above 26 years) who wanted to row as a club and advance the sport of rowing in the midlands of South Carolina. While the club sponsors Youth Rowing and hosts the USC Crew, the core of the club remains its masters rowers, and its future depends on the masters rowers, both women and men, for they provide long term continuity. Masters rowing at Columbia Rowing Club is primarily recreational and is, at best, loosely organized.

CRC encourages both recreational and competitive rowing for Masters, Youth and Collegiate.  There is an empty seat for you:

Recreational Rowing

While most recreational rowing is done on an ad hoc basis, whenever members can get to the river to row, the club has several times set aside for "Adult Row", when members can expect others to be at the boathouse for rowing. 
The club owns an impressive fleet of boats designed for and available to rowers of all levels, beginner to advanced, sweep and sculling, singles to eights, and most everything in between.  All club boats are available for club members to use according to our "skill progression system" which matches boats with the rower's skill level.  Many of our more active club members own their own singles and/or doubles which are stored in the boathouse for a fee.  

Individual club members are encouraged to organize teams, boats and practice times for recreational team rowing in addition to the following:

Learn To Row - FREE
The first and third Saturday mornings of the month at 10AM, CRC conducts a free learn-to-rowing for people new to the sport or rowers who a new to the Columbia area. New rowers can take up to 3 free learn-to-row saturdays before deciding if you want to join the club. 
CRC teaches rowing to everyone in the community who would like to try it. If interested contact Marty Shaffer to let him know you are coming or take a chance  on a saturday morning and just showup. The class size is limited to a small number of beginners to ensure individual care and an optimal learning process. Club members can participate for free to brush up on their technique. Before rowing you will need to sign a US Rowing Waiver.

Contact Martin Shaffer if you are interested or have any question about Learn To Row.

Small Boat Clinic

Club members can coordinate Clinics for any member who is interested in improving his/her technique. The clinics are open to all CRC members. The concept is that the leader of the clinic for that day will choose a rowing fundamental to discuss and demonstrate (or at least try to demonstrate). All participants will then practice the fundamental on a row up river to the island. At the island all participants will share their experience, difficulties, successes, concerns and thoughts. After helping each other make adjustments, we will then row back to the dock trying to implement the adjustments.

Competitive Rowing

Many members enjoy competing in regattas, primarily in the Southeast, at a moderately competitive level. A small number of members are seriously competitive and specifically train for regattas. As a result, the club often garners a surprising number of medals at regional regattas.

Primarily, the competition is in sculling events, but occasionally the club puts together a four or an eight for a specific regatta. The club organizes entries for only one or two regattas per year.

As in Recreational Rowing, the club is looking for one or more rowers interested in competition to step forward and organize more boats and crews to train together for specific regattas, or to just improve overall conditioning and technique.

If you would like compete please contact Scott Bandy for more details.