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Columbia Rowing Club

Welcome to CRC

All club meetings are open and we invite

you to join us to learn more about rowing

in Columbia.

The next club meeting will be held on
Tuesday, November 17th
6:00 PM
Cafe Strudel
300 State Street, West Columbia

Community Rowing

We have taken our boats to the Augusta Rowing Club to restart our training.
Our core group of rowers has expanded

this summer and fall. A good group with multiple talents.
So we want to keep up our enthusiasm...
We are doing land practices together.
Check the GroupMe Columbia Rowing Club messages...
Thanks to Augusta Rowing Club for letting us train out
of your location temporarily.

Learn To Row

FREE Learn-to-Row is cancelled until further notice due to flood damage.
is offered 1st and 3rd Saturday morning of the month at 10:00am at the boathouse.
The general public is invited to row 
3 different time before deciding whether to join the club.  
Please click here to email Martin Shaffer for details you need to know before the Learn-to-Row session.

No experience is necessary.  You are never too old to learn how to row! Our oldestmember is in his 80's.

Columbia Rowing Club
Flood Relief
We Lost Our Boat Dock
Former Location of CRC Dock Near I-20 Bridge
The Columbia Rowing Club in Columbia, South Carolina is still standing on the banks of the Broad River after the massive flooding in Richland County on October 3, 4, and 5th, 2015.  Approximately 7 feet of water rose into our boat house and slowly subsided over last week, leaving a lot of debris...




Youth Rowing 

The official start of practice was Tuesday, August 18.  We are in the midst of the season with regattas planned in Clemson at the Tail of the Tiger on September 26 and Augusta Head of the South on November 14, despite losing our dock to the flood. 
If you are interested in rowing in Spring 2016, contact Christina Bisallion  at 813-482-4913 to schedule a practice that you can attend to see what crew is all about.

Northern Colleges and High Schools Visit for Training

Rowing crews that have benefited from winter and spring training in Columbia include the University of Rhode Island, Georgetown, Michigan and Vassar.

 Weekly Rowing Schedule

Weekly Rowing Schedule is on hold until we can get a new dock in place....
SAT: Community Row 8AM
SAT: Free LearnTo-Row 10AM (1st & 3rd SAT of the month)
SUN: Community Row 8AM
WED: Community Row 6:00PM

Flood October 2015

Description of Broad River Richland County Rowing Site:

  • About 4 miles of river without any sandbank, rapids or bigger rocks...
    (two - 2000 meters straight away water distances with meter signs every 500 meters)
  • Low Head Dam 900 meters downstream from dock. (water height gage at dock)
  • <6 inch/sec current most of the time.
  • High trees to protect the river from wind.
  • Calm water with sufficient depth over entire width of river... from east bank to west bank.
  • Warm air temperatures most of the year.
  • 120' long dock with 3 ramps.

Easily accessible:

  • Close to the Broad River Rd Exit off I-20: click here for directions.
  • Close to many hotels.
  • Close to downtown & restaurants & movie theatres (Harbison Blvd / Bauer Parkway / Vista).
  • Close to natural and absolute quiet (4000 meters upstream from dock).

Columbia Rowing Club is a 501(c)3 organization allowing us to accept tax deductible contributions for Youth Rowing and our other rowing education programs.